Another Human Stain

S M Chen
6 min readDec 24, 2021

When possible, I like to watch 60 MINUTES, a CBS offering.

I find it almost always informative, sometimes entertaining and, on occasion, inspirational.

Not all episodes are designed to make one feel good, however.

One recent such fits this category.

It had to do with a hit and run accident perpetrated by a Saudi student on an American citizen.

He was driving an expensive car much too fast.

Before he could be apprehended by law enforcement authorities in the U.S. however, he was spirited out of the country, back to his homeland.

Supposedly a black SUV picked him up.

Jannis Lucas. Unsplash

We have no way of knowing his outcome, but it was likely better than had he remained in the USA to face hit-and-run charges.

Here’s a news brief on what has happened in 8 U.S. states to Saudi students who faced potential criminal charges:

Justice — no matter how you define it — was not going to be served.

The Saudi students would not do jail time in the USA, and the families of persons killed would not be compensated.

This left me with a rather sour taste, and it wasn’t my GERD that day.

I attributed this turn of events to the special relationship between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

The majority of perpetrators of the infamous events on 9/11/01 were Saudi citizens. Yet the U.S. chose to invade Afghanistan, where Osama bin Laden supposedly had training camps.

Finally, 2 decades later, the last American troop has left the country.

This despite Osama bin Laden being killed by special U.S. forces in Pakistan in 2011, a decade earlier.

In 2000, the novelist Philip Roth published a book entitled “The Human Stain.” It concerned a different set of circumstances, but the title is memorable.