A Week in Hong Kong

S M Chen
6 min readJan 13, 2024

It was in the winter of 2023 that I visited Hong Kong.

I had been there decades before and my memories are more than a little fuzzy. Sort of like the visual acuity in one eye since I developed macular degeneration.

My vision may deteriorate further as the degeneration worsens, but my recent memories of Hong Kong have come into sharp focus and hopefully may remain so for some time.

Someone once observed if one wants to cover a lot of territory in a hurry, the best way to do it is solo.

I agree with that someone.

I think a week in the place is about right.

One has to have the fortitude for long air travel to venture from Los Angeles to Hong Kong.

The flight west is over 15 hours, the flight east close to 12.

My lower back discomfort was lessened by a seat cushion I had the good fortune to remember to bring with me, but the travel to and from was still arduous.

It may be best suited for someone younger and more nimble than myself.

Due to time differences, I departed on a late Sunday morn and arrived early evening on a Monday.

The weather in both places was remarkably clement. I recall a cold winter in Hong Kong, but such was not the case this time.

Victoria’s Peak is but one of the many highlights of Hong Kong, which is nothing if not hilly/mountainous.

Hong Kong has an admirable subway system — efficient and inexpensive.

I had chosen to stay at a Sheraton in Tung Chung, on Lantau Island.

The hotel offered a free shuttle to and from the airport as well as to and from the main subway station.

Perhaps due in part to a history of British influence, signs are in both Chinese and English. Being conversant in only the latter, I appreciated this double offering.

Some years ago my son, a part-time movie producer, produced a film called MIND THE GAP. I was reminded of this expression when riding the subways.

Photo: author

The ‘gap’ refers to the small space between the edge of the subway train and the adjoining platform which should be paid attention to when boarding or exiting the…